Time is a category that we can not turn back, so we have to use it rationally, especially on weekends. If you have one or two days off per week, then those days must be well planned. Sometimes your child sees a bill (ads) and wants to go to the show, and you say “no”, because you took work home. But your child can not understand, so you must think before you refuse. Our body and brain during the work are prone to stress and if you do not want to look older than your years, give the body an opportunity to have a rest and a good sleep. No wonder it is considered “a sound sleep is the best doctor”, especially on weekends. Thus, plan your time at work, fixing the plan on a paper. Do not leave the office until you finish your work. Try to plan your weekend, enriching it with a visit to the theatre or entertainment center, buy a ticket to the pool. You can plan a picnic. Take a camera with you, feel one with nature, relax and enjoy the freedom. If it is rain, do not worry, you can spend a day off at home, watching a movie or go for a walk, wearing ordered online raincoat and rubber boots. Play with your children in games, bingo or simply lie down and read your favorite book. All this will enable to relax your body and brain, storing energy to start actively a new workweek. Read a bill and think about what performance you would like to view. Talk with your child; ask him to go to the movies or the theatre next weekend. You should remember a good holiday is the condition of good work. Weekend should be good for your health. Some people believe an abrupt change of pastime gives a good effect for the rest: it is necessary to do something unusual and exciting. This is a parachute jump, go to another city, meet with friends, you never see. Choose what you like and have a good weekend!