Theatre is Place for Date
A date is a good way to spend holidays and weekends. Your first date is scheduled for this Saturday, and you’re worried because of the fact that you do not know any romantic ideas about where to go with the girl. In fact, there are many places where you can go and have a good time. If you know her long time, then you have a list of places where she likes to go. My girlfriend loves the theatre, so our first meeting was there. I learned about it from her friend, then bought a bill, learn the schedule of performances, bought tickets and invited the girl of my dreams there. She enjoyed this evening very much (not just because we were watching a performance, she received great pleasure from communicating with me, it’s important too). So, you should know what the girl of your dreams like. You can ask her friends about it, I think they will help you. If she likes to swim and sunbathe, then invited her to the beach. It’s just great, if you are also a good swimmer and like to be on the beach. Then you’ll not only enjoy each other’s company, but you will do what you like: to swim and sunbathe. This active rest is good for health. And later, after swimming, you can lie down and chat under the chaise longue. This is romantic, regardless of time of day. This can be day or night. If you play billiards or bowling well, then you can go into a special club to play in your weekends. You can easily get the second date there, having played in set wits to “the loser has to cook dinner for two next evening”. Golf is a cheap and fairly easy form of “sport”, you'll be able to show her how to properly hold a club, and give a couple of golf lessons. Another way to spend time together is a concert. Although first dates should be full of discussions and conversations, loud music and cheering people can be an alternative. People have to learn in advance the bill to know who performs and what program. So, you know where you go to your first date. You wear trousers and shirt or T-shirt, ordered in the online store, buy a bouquet of flowers and go to a meeting. And no matter where it will be: in the theatre or on the beach, the main thing is that fact you like each other.