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Amandeep Steel – A Proven Names in the Steel Industry

amardeep steel

“Amendeep Steel Plant¬† is a leading trader, producer and exporter of electrical and mechanical goods such as tubes, pipes, plates, fittings, automatic parts, galvanized fittings, plates, couplings, bolts, stress bowers, drywall etc made of Tantalum, Titanium, Zirconium etc.” In the early years this plant mostly manufactures tubes and pipes but now it also manufactures pressure vessels, stainless steel products, pressure vessels and parts for insulated metal enclosures. Amendeep Steel is based at Mumbai in India. “The products manufactured by Amendeep Steel are designed to meet specific requirements. These products can be used for domestic as well as commercial purpose.”

The world’s leading industries across all sectors are today using high quality industrial raw materials and processes equipments to manufacture various products. Due to various advancements and innovations in the process of fabrication has also undergone a sea change. This process has become faster than ever before. Many companies all over the world use this process to manufacture their products.

Steel pipes manufacturers have been able to come up with their own unique process equipment such as heat exchangers. Some of the most commonly used and widely used products manufactured by Amardeep Steel are tubing, couplings, bolts, plates, galvanized fittings etc. Steel pipes manufacturers make these products available for commercial and industrial use. They also have a great demand among the residential customers too. They are able to meet the customized requirements of the customers very efficiently and cost effectively.

Heat exchangers have been the most common device in the manufacturing industry. They are used across the globe in different applications. For instance they are used in the home industry to keep the interiors cool and warm during the summer and cold during winter. The leading industries across the globe are utilizing these industrial raw materials to manufacture different appliances that are used in the home as well as in the offices.

The world’s leading industries have discovered the uses of these steel products in the manufacturing process. They have been able to increase their productivity by utilizing these highly reliable and cost effective raw materials. Apart from these, Amandeep Steel has been able to provide various other solutions too. For instance they have been able to manufacture heat exchangers, pressure vessels, thermal oxidizers, steam boilers, pipe dressers, etc. over the years. The company has also extended its services to the commercial segment too.

Since the year 1984 the Amandeep steel plant has been registered with the Canadian Department of Industry, which is accredited by them. It has been able to manufacture high quality heat exchangers. These units have been able to meet the international quality standards and are hence manufactured widely across the world. The Canadian department of industry has given the company a certificate of registration. The certification proves that Amandeep Steel is a reputable and reliable unit.

Among all the leading industries across the world, few know that Amandeep Steel is an innovator when it comes to design and technology. They are able to make their products in the best possible manner and give them a unique look. In this regard, they have been able to win awards from different agencies across the globe. The fact that they have been able to do so much despite the global economic crisis is testimony to their innovation and skills. The steel plant has been able to sustain due to the heavy influx of customers.

Another factor that has made the industry well-known is its consistent strive towards environment-friendly development. Since the beginning of their service, Amandeep steel has been able to contribute actively towards the green cause. They have reduced the harmful substances and their impact on the environment drastically. They have also contributed towards making the best use of the available resources in order to reduce the environmental pollution. They have therefore become one of the important players in the environment-friendly business sector.